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Wednesday Soup Lunch
The soup lunch project was started in the answer to a desire by the church to reach out to those in the local community who may stay alone or who may have been disadvantaged by the current austere measures and to offer an opportunity for people to come together, enjoy a light meal and engage in fellowship with other like minded people.


Three teams to cater for the soup lunches.  The soup lunch consists of a choice of home-made soup served with white or brown roll followed by a cup of tea or coffee with a biscuit and occasional home baked produce.  Each team has a team leader who is responsible for purchasing rolls etc and liaising with their team to achieve a choice of different soups each day including a vegetarian option.  The team leaders keep in contact with Joan regarding numbers and other information needing to be shared.


Initially the numbers were quite small and consisted mainly of members of the congregation.  However numbers have gradually increased and we now have over 20 people attending the lunches and approximately one third of those are not members of the congregation.  We are fortunate to have the support of congregational members who are able to greet new comers and engage in fellowship with them.


There is no charge for the soup lunch but as always the church is happy to receive donations.

The following comments are from people who have come to the lunches.


The meal was very acceptable, served a worth-while purpose and offered a good choice of soups and gave people the opportunity to meet with others and engage in conversation.


One person said at the lunch he had met someone who shared a similar interest he had in a hobby and was able to offer information on how to achieve his long held desire to become involved in this hobby.


The informality of the event and general friendliness and welcome is heartening.


To date the soup lunch has proved to be a success and we hope that with God’s blessing our project will go from strength to strength and we will continue to reach out and serve those in our local parish who will benefit from this service.