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Sunday Morning Service

Meeting at 11am with 150-200 people attending.  Members participate in the prayers and reading.  The use of multi-media format and paying for copyright license releases us from the restrictions of having to stick to certain hymnbooks.  In this way we can maintain a diet of worship of old and new songs recognising the work of the Holy Spirit in worship through all generations.  On occasions we have visiting speakers who take part in services. Holy Communion takes place every second month during the morning service. Our morning services are recorded and sermons and can be downloaded through this website.


Sunday Evening Fellowship 

This is an informal service with 30-50 people attending often including children.  A band leads worship and the preaching/leading works on a rota basis.  This allows people to discover and develop their gifts.  There is opportunity for everyone to contribute in the service.  Occasionally the service is held in the Church Centre instead of the church. Holy Communion takes place every second month during this service.