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One of the things that has excited me recently is the way we have been blessed through our partnership with the church in Rwanda. Some of us from the church had the privilege to meet with Joel Sengoga, who had come over for the Alpha Conference in London. I laughed when he said he had been a bit apprehensive in linking with us since we were Scottish Presbyterian. I knew exactly what he meant. We explained to him that we are maybe not quite in the mould he was thinking of. However, as I said in the church I do hope we are not like the church in Sardis who thought they were alive but were dead. May we always be challenged by that and be continually moving forward with God.

Joel shared with me some of the thoughts he has about how we can work together. He sees one of the main priorities to be schooling for the children, many of whom are orphans. I will give further details of that to the people who have said they want to be part of it. I have a strong conviction in my spirit that those who commit themselves to this are going to be wonderfully blessed in ways that might surprise us all.

I take heart from knowing that the people in Troqueer are a giving church. We will never cease to be blessed as long as we see it to be a priority to give to those in need. That is the gospel in action. It is wonderful to know that the people in Troqueer are sharing the gospel and ministering to brothers and sisters abroad. I have a strong belief that our Lord Jesus is smiling upon this work and giving it His richest blessings.

Wait and see what God will do.